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Definitive Omron Switch Guide for Mice

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Hello, you are missing OF switches

That's translated Chinese and loses almost all sense of fact.

I appreciate the help (I'll look into the OF), but I'm not using any of that in the guide, too much poorly translated marketing fluff.

people buying microsoft WMO for $15-30  = stupid.

stealing microsoft WMO from wurk = +999 int.

it also seems wmo can wear out even the japan omron pretty quickly because there's no overtravel protection,  so add some tape to the switchtops to set this, which would save actuations.

tp4 has wore out 3x d2f01f omrons on wmo.

I just replaced some switches that started double-clicking in a logitech G903.
The switches that were in the mouse that started acting up were D2FC-F-7N(G)
The switches that I replaced them with - D2F-F. So far so good.

Does anyone know what the G is?

It also feels like the dot/nib/button is about half a millimeter taller on the D2F-F than on the chinese one... might be the wear, though - I've been using the mouse for almost exactly a year 2 years now.

also, thanks for this guide, I almost bought some chinese replacements on amazon before I decided to look into this. Since there was a local electronic component store that had some in stock, I also managed to save about half the money and a ton of time.

The G is probably a Logitech specific switch or it could be how it's packaged for installation, could also be a new way to ID longevity since I'm not seeing anything else, but then it's also not a retail switch and they don't like to disclose that info. Doesn't matter really, you got what you needed. Glad the guide helped.

There is some minor difference in the measurement between Chinese and Japanese but i suspect most of what you're seeing is probably the leaf spring sagging on the old one. The picture even seems to confirm that.
Good job and congrats.


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