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[Poll] Pink Linear Zealio interest? (Project closed)

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--- Quote from: Saiph on Sat, 16 July 2016, 00:17:31 ---I wouldn't mind if they were pink, but is there a particular reason?

--- End quote ---
> revival of linear zealios.

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10/10 would buy  :thumb:

Yes, I want linear zealios. Pink is even better.

Interested? Sure.

In theory yes, but if only the spring weights and the coloring of the stem and case would differ from the original Gateron I'm not sure wether or not I'd be willing to pay the full Zealio price for it. I mean my OCD did not yet reach levels that would cause me to need to match up stem colors and as long as I don't use a board with on-PCB RGB I don't see why I would choose a clear case for it. Sure a few cents for not having to do a spring swap and the custom colors would be okay for me, but if custom springs and a set of off-the-shelf Gaterons would cost me half, if not less, I'm not interested.

Side note: That's just my 2 cents, I don't want to criticise Zeal or his current Zealios switches or their (rather aggressive, but understandable since they are fully custom) pricing. I just want to share my optinion on how attractive those are, if they don't really offer any major advantages over the other options and keep the same price of the other Zealios (which do offer a major advantage over the other options).


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