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How to remove keycap(s) from the Ergo Pro?

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My slash key only work intermittently and so I was thinking it needs cleaning (hopefully just that) but I can't seem to remove the keycap. Any tips?

Are you using a keypuller? If you don't have one available you can jerry rig one from a few paperclips.

Alps/Matias keycaps can be pretty tricky to pull off. Pull straight up and wiggle back and forth and it should come out.

Would this work?

Wire ones are better, lpwl has nice ones but he's out of stock - you could PM him and ask as it's nearly August.

Can confirm a simple wire keypuller worked for removing my Ergo Pro keycaps. It does, however, take a lot of jiggling to get the caps out because they seriously cling on to their stems!


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