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Ergo Pro going senile

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So I did end up getting a replacement keyboard from their support and I have the same issues with it.  I've also now seen that I'm getting an occasional '9' ghosted in, most often when I'm typing keys in the vicinity of it (like with p's and y's and u's) and I know I'm not accidentally hitting it myself.  This seems to be just like my two old boards that both ghost in the number 7 in the middle of words like 'the'.

Again it's a shame as I LOVE the hardware, but the firmware seems to need some work.  I'm waiting to hear back from support how I can return them for a refund (I still have both boards).

Mine does that with the 'a' too. And th7e is also common. Funny how the defects are consistent.

Too bad mine is too old to send back. And the micro USB connector broke so now there's a patch cord macgivered in.

My 'a' key gave up, so I opened it up again and found the problem:

The metal contact broke. So I removed the same part from the 'undo' key (one of the four "useless" spare keys), soldered there and now it's working. It is a rather easy fix, there are no "catches" in the metal thingie. If you assemble the key before soldering, it stays exactly in place.

My bet is that the next uses for cut/copy/paste will be D/W/S.

Btw, I understand the owners of old alfa romeos by now. This is the old alfa romeo of keyboards: it would be absolutely perfect, if it was reliable as a toyota...

i have this issue with 3 of matias boards. i gave up in the end

This issue came up with my Ergo Pro "N" key out of the box in October, 2016. Matias sent me a knew "right" board side and things have been fine until today, when the "D" key on the "left" side of the board started doing it. I opened up the keycaps using this video:

After checking for damage to the contact as reported by FabioDias (worst case scenario, I could cannibalize parts for the working switches on the old "right" side of the board - Matias didn't want me to send it back), I cleaned the switches and tested switch functionality by engaging the contacts with the switch disassembled. Whatever issues there were have vanished. Maybe all it takes is a switch cleaning? It's easy with ALPS, so give it a shot if your board is out of warranty.

I tested the disassembly and clean routine on the old "N" key and it also works now. Now I have 1.5 working Ergo Pro keyboards.


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