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What's the worst iPhone you've ever had

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5 series was pretty bad as well


--- Quote from: Altis on Tue, 03 January 2017, 16:12:40 ---Everything is turning into a store or service.

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This is the current state of smartphones. For a company to survive today it has to find a way to not only gain customers, but keep them as well. Apple is, traditionally, very good at this. They are slowly losing customers though, and I believe it's due to the lack of services. Google services being baked in to Android is a huge win for them, and I believe a driving factor in the long term adoption of the OS. Now that android phones are at a point where they function well, it is pulling customers from Apple. Unless Apple finds a way to open their services to PC users, I don't think there services will take off like Googles has. Unfortunately Apple is a hardware manufacturer first. So I don't think we will see their services opened up anytime soon.


For me the worst I've used was the 2G. Looking back, idk how I ever browsed the internet on such a slow connection. Although, things were optimized a bit differently then they are today.

There are no bad iPhones.  Only heretics that decide to denounce the iPhone.

My iPhone 3G was sooo slow


--- Quote from: mason on Wed, 04 January 2017, 13:53:21 ---My iPhone 3G was sooo slow

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I was jelly of my friend when he got the 3g before i did.

my 1g, now THAT was slow..  fastest for its time, but 3g blew it away..

Then I went all the way up to the 5..   and didn't do 6 because i felt apple has lost its way, and made an exclusive phone for girls..

Because of the way it's rounded..

In contrast to the ipho 5's  45degrees chamfer.. which was Perfect and industrial..


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