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The Resin Party workshop is packed up and moving to a new location.  I'm hoping to get things up and running in short order, but it may be a while before we're operational again.  I've held back a handful of caps from each public raffle from the past 6 months, and there are 5 new colors that haven't had a sale yet!  We are opening our online shop for a FCFS style sale of these caps.

Sale Menu:
The moving sale is open!  The link to the shop is
- There are 22 colorways available
- All shop listings are for Microdoses (blanks not separately available)
- About half (!!!) of all Microdoses will come with a matching GMK R1 blank, homing scoop set, or other RP cap
- All orders get a maneki neko magnet :Cat_jam:
- US shipping is $5, International is $15; orders will ship within 1 week.

An archive of previous Microdose colorways is available at:

Join the Discord server to get raffle pings:

Past Sales:
Degaussed - 11.9.2018: More
Maturin v1 (the turtle) - 11.28.2018: MoreCosmic Turple

Cooled Magma


Fashion Star Fillies - 12.10.2018More

Wilson Introduction Sale - 1.11.2019More
"I'll do all the paddling, you just hang on"
Joy of Painting Sale - 2.4.2019More
"There's nothing wrong with having a [keycap] for a friend"
1uc Prototypes Sale - 2.25.2019More
1 unit convex R4 blanks w/ prototype butts
Happy Little Trees 4.19.2019More

My God, it's Full of Stars! 11.5.2019More

Dr. Mario Microdose 11.11.2019More

Monochrome Microdose 12.16.2019More

Liquid Gels Microdose 8.4.2020More

&cream 8.15.2020More

Windbreaker 9.5.2020More

NSAID 9.17.2020More

Godspeed 9.22.2020More

Taegukgi 10.09.2020More

Team Rocket 10.22.2020More

Milk 10.27.2020More

Backyard Gang 11.03.2020More

The Capsules 11.15.2020More

Candy Egg 11.23.2020More

Chillantro 11.30.2020More

1% Milk 12.7.2020More
Golden Cartridge 12.14.2020 More
Candy Egg II 12.23.2020 More
90095 1.4.2021 More
80085 1.11.2021More
Thunder Stone 1.18.2021 More
Buffering 1.25.2021 More

Hearth Cricket 2.01.2021 More

Classic Cherry 2.20.2021 More

Candy Egg III 3.1.2021 More

Ice King 3.8.2021 More

Whole Milk 3.29.2021 More

Akira 4.12.2021 More
Macaron I 4.22.2021 More
Macaron II 5.6.2021 More
Macaron III 5.20.2021 More
Zi Juan 6.21.2021 More
Buttermilk 8.02.2021 More
Ziploc Pharmacy Bling Bag Sale 8.09.2021 More
Porcelain 8.16.2021 More

Fun Dip 8.24.2021 More
Algae Bloom 9.7.2021 More

Trix Yogurt 9.21.2021 More

Baby Blue 10.14.2021 More

Jedi 11.4.2021 More

Pale Pink 11.11.2021 More

Plum 11.18.2021 More

Pink Lemonade 12.29.2021 More
Agave 3.7.2022 More


Maturin V1 invoices out.  Thanks everyone for entering  :thumb:

Colours and effects are getting better and better. Good luck with sales  :thumb:


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