Author Topic: KPrepublic "white" vs ePBT 9009 "white"  (Read 499 times)

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KPrepublic "white" vs ePBT 9009 "white"
« on: Wed, 05 May 2021, 23:07:47 »
If somebody happen to have both KPrepublic alphanumeric keycaps and those of the ePBT 9009, can you tell me how close are those in color? The photo would be greatly appreciated.

The reason I ask is, I need multicolored legends for both  Latin and Cyrillic (black+red on "white") and KPrepublic have those but I'm weary to buy the whole set from them and would prefer to pay more for a better product, and ePBT 9009 is available on Aliexpress and has options for everything, I might need in the future. I have a full-size layout so alphanumerics have to match in color with numpad and function keys.

Thank you.