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Are volume knobs useful? (on input devices)

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--- Quote from: karakko on Fri, 28 October 2022, 12:26:16 ---Depends on how you use it mate. For some keyboards, you can program the knob to a lot like RGB settings, speed of RGB, sound, scrolling, or any other funky commands that are user-specific. It's not for everyone but it's not inconvenient. I've never had one until recently and I think it's a nice knick-knack.

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Since I have multiple layers, I decided to make the knob multi-funtion:
Layer1: Volume - press to mute
Layer2: Rapid scroll wheel (5x mouse wheel clicks per knob click) - press to mute -> usefull to scroll through text one page at a time or to zoom in and out very fast (use that for CAD work)
Layer3: Horizontal scroll - press to mute
Layer4: Turn backlight up and down - press to turn on-off

The other thing I have noticed it that on my Bostons, the knob is on the opposite side of the mouse if you use the mouse right handed. That makes the knob much more useful than the usual location over on the right edge.

An analogue option is always useful for when the over designed digital function inevitably doesn't work.

Big YES!!!!!

As an audiophile myself, I have to have them. It's all part of the experience!


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