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[IC] Mountain Alice - Southpaw Alice with ISO support! (KEYCAP RENDERS OUT)

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Hello keyboard people!
I present to you first ever southpaw 1800 Alice.
                                                                               DISCORD SERVER - For updates regarding Mountain Alice
GMK MarmorealRenders by pararch

Top angle renders


Bottom angle renders


One tone color renders


Two tone color renders


Wrist rest

Wrist rest is a concept, will not be polycarbonate because it is too large to be PC and will definitely yellow overtime.
Most likely if this is going to come to reality the body might be anodized aluminum or wood (not decided yet)
and will have an colored anodized aluminum accent at the end of it.


Physical specs:

- Typing angle 5.5
- Mounting: Top mount + Burger mount using o-rings
- Front height: 20.6mm
- Seamless design
- Anodized aluminum body
- Internal brass weight sandblasted
- Anodized aluminum plate (Only aluminum material option for now, will try including PC and brass)

PCB Specs: (Designed by Gondolindrum)

- Features daughterboard- VIA/QMK compatible
- ESD protection
- USB-C port
- Mirrored numpad
- ISO support
- Clicky rotary encoder
- LED indicators
- 9.5 degree angle on alphanumericals
- Soldered only
Layout of the PCB


USB-C port

Exploded render of knob, top frame, bottom frame, and case foam.

Flex cuts on plate which will create a more flexible typing experience.

Internal of mounting which is top mount + burger mount with o-rings
Plate is sandwiched between o-rings from bottom and top.

Knob will come in silver option too, or gold if you prefer it like in the renders.

When will keycap renders come in??
- Soon, sometime around this month. Just wanted to update this post since it was gaining a lot of attention.

How many units?
- Depends on demand

Any estimation on price?

When will prototype happen?
- Will order prototype hopefully around this month or end of this month.

Any more questions please comment below and I'll respond!
- Vala Supply (US)
- Keebwerk (EU)

Love the layout

so the renders are wrong?

No, they are what the Alice keyboard is now, and update model will be posted soon.

Make it south paw!

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