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[IC] IV Ashes | 11/13 Update!

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I present to you IV Ashes, a refresh on one of my favorite sets in collaboration with IV Works!

For this run of Ashes I have corrected and added the following to the design:

- F-row has alternating colors

- Updated modifiers to standard icon mods

- Corrected the spare fn key

- Added support for Alice and Arisu layouts

- Added more novelties

We will be running a single keyset with wide capability that includes all novelty designs. This is a new product line from Joe of IV Works to offer quality keysets of popular designs with the original designer. Joe has worked closely with the manufacturer on developing the keyset and has made all the legends to his liking. Sample keysets have already been ordered for quality assurance! They will be color-matched and tested before the group buy opens. Our goal is to deliver in 120 days after the group buy closes. Proxy vendors for all major regions will be announced soon.

I had a blast working with Joe and look forward to your comments!

For a closer look please see:

IV Ashes:

Thick 1.45mm PBT Cherry Profile

Dye-sub legends

Single keyset with wide compatibility (including Alice and Arisu layouts)

Novelties included

Custom box

Unlimited Buy!

Estimated 120 day turnaround

Aiming for $99 price for the Full kit


Feedback: IC Form


AV4 by IV Works

Frog TKL by GeonWorks


Round 1 Proto samples

Photos by IV Works

Photos by Tyson


Base Kit






Metal Artisans




Thank you IV for the amazing renders and all the support on this project being the main vendor!
Thank you for the supporting GMK Ashes! I'm glad you guys love the set as much as I do!
Thank you to my Discord for all the love and support!


Check for Updates on IV Works Discord & my Discord



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Ashes with and 120 days turnaround time?

Yes please!

Please no shrink caps coz reverse dye-sub.

Please no space bar warp.

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This is sick, perfect for an arisu user.

Already love GMK ashes, so looking forward to supporting this set being run by 2 amazing dudes

very interested in seeing samples


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