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MW Commute
Do you find yourself on the road as the sun rises, or as it sets? Inspired by the purple of the sky during the daily commute, MW Commute plays with the hues of both sides of the sun.

Designed by acitrin, Chris @ Mechs & Co, and stellaidoscope.

GB is live from December 10 to January 14

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Rendered by eg0t1st1k4l

Novelties designed by Stellaidoscope

Rendered by eg0t1st1k4l.

Sera XT by stellaidoscope

Ziran by Halo


City by Stellaidoscope

Highway by Stellaidoscope

Traincar by InputUniverse

Confirmed Collaborations

* HIBI MX: 2.25u Enter Metal Artisan


* esc lab: 1u Esc Metal Artisan


* Moyu Studio: Switches

MoreLinear switches
Extended UPE stem
Nylon housing
65g two-stage spring
Manufactured by JWK

* Protozoa Studio
* DeagCaps
* ForestKeys
* TinyMakesThings
* Melonkeys
* RocketCables

Alphas  Pantone 2113 UAlpha Legends  Pantone 280 UModifiers  Pantone 280 UModifier Legends  Pantone 2339 UAccents  Pantone 2339 UAccent Legends  Pantone 280 U


* United States: Mechs & Co →
* Canada: Kanatakeys →
* Europe: MyKeyboard →
* United Kingdom: Protozoa Studio →
* Mexico: Rheset →
* Oceania: Switchkeys →
* India: Rectangles →
* Southeast Asia: Zion Studios →
* Singapore: Qwertyqop →
* Japan: Basekeys →
* Korea: Swagkeys →
* China: Milkyway →
* Rest of World: zFrontier →


Thanks to

* NoPunIn10Did, DrHigsby, Alas, Dededecline, and more for the kitting help.
* eg0t1st1k4l for the spectacular renders above.
* JohnYYZ for connecting us with Milkyway.
* The vendors for taking on this project, even pre-IC.
* The Vala Supply and Mechs & Co teams for all your feedback and support.
* All the friends… there’s simply too many of you to list. Thank you for being you.
* You for caring enough to check out our IC.

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acitrin’s Discord →    Mechs & Co Discord →    stellaidoscope’s Discord →    Milkyway Discord →    IC Form →

<3 Ari, Chris, and Sera.

October 30 - IC Posted
October 31 - Added qwertyqop as Singaporean vendor
November 9 - Added Swagkeys as Korean vendor, announced esc lab collaboration


the novelties are really good!! Oh wow the deskmats

Lets goooo, I love the renders of the Ziran


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