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Best lube for MX Browns

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I realize that there are numerous threads on lubrication.  With that said, Krytox GL 105 is almost never recommended for switches- springs only.  Is there a reason for this?  I have used light grease before and while the switch was incredibly smooth, it just felt sluggish.  I did noticed this- when the lube (Krytox 105) is applied to the slider it actually beads.  Does anyone have a definitive reason not to use oil?  I think it feels great. 

From what I know, the standard reason is that it'll fall off over time and if applied poorly, it'll go everywhere and mess **** up.

Also why 205g0 is sometimes avoided for stabs, while thickish, it's not thick enough to last the test of time

Edit: although idk, I feel like 105 is usually always recced for tactiles, its usually always thin tactile, thick linear, super thick stab

The only lube I've gotten away with in MX Browns is 3203, and even then, they were modified Browns with the stems inside OUTEMU Blue Ice housings.

Yeah, it was a real careful coat of 3203, avoiding the tactile legs, and the lube was stem-only. Springs were lubed 55 G Spirit. They're actually excellent Ergo Browns, but difficult to build.

Lubing Browns is not the most popular thing. They don't seem to benefit from it as much as some other switches, but I guess it can lead to improvement with the right lube and technique.

I lubed the spring, the side rails, and the side of the stem that touches the housing.  It feels and sounds like a different switch.  I stayed away from the legs and the leaf so there is no change in tactility.  If however the lube won't stay in place and it has to be redone in say a few months that would not be cool.  I've ordered 3203 and I will lube another board for comparison, but I really like how this feels.  Grease, even if used sparingly I feel it changes the action of the switch and makes it feel sluggish.  Most people it seems really hate MX Browns anyway.  I'd say there was a huge benefit.  I just don't understand why GPL 105 is generally frowned upon for tactiles.

I've always wanted to use 105 for light tactiles, but don't have any. Guess I'll have to get a vial. Hope that the leaking isn't really an issue.


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