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Hello. Let me introduce myself
« on: Sat, 11 December 2021, 23:13:52 »
Greetings, programs!
I come from a place just south of Witches' Valley. I believe in swordfish, circles and rings, dragons and kings. a total nutcase, completely deranged, delusional, paranoid. My thought process is all ****ed up, the information train is jammed, I am insane. and you are my insanity. I just need to find a keyboard with jade green alps then Ching Dai will be happy and my curse will be lifted!... Thanks for having me im Max from Ontario Canada eh

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Re: Hello. Let me introduce myself
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 12 December 2021, 15:44:46 »
I'm confused with my brain now, Welcome!