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IBM Model M AT vs PS2 Cables


Ok keyboard nerds, I could not find this answer with a simple google search so I hope yall can help clarify this for me. So the model M was released during the end of the Personal Computer AT and the beginning of the Personal System 2. Meaning that model Ms can either come with a black cable that has a 5-pin din for AT or a concrete PS2 cable.

So what I'm curious about is can I take a normal model M with a PS2 cable and swap it with a black AT cables that came on the early model Ms?

If not, what inside the keyboard makes these two generations of model Ms use different sets? Could this be accomplished with swapping a single chip on the inside of the keyboard?

Here's some proof of detachable black cables in case y'all are confused.
skip to 2:40

My experience is that both of the cables can be be plugged into the SDL socket and work properly.

update: bought model M black industrial cable.
It works perfectly with the orihalcon converter that I use to drive my Model FAT!


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