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Akko Alice Plus Black review



I recently received the Akko Plus Black.

This was my first keyboard with this particular shape and I was a bit skeptical at first. But after receiving the board I got very excited. The layout feels pretty comfortable and the board itself is heavier and more sturdy then I initially thought it would be. The included silver switches are very smooth and personally haven't bothered to lube these yet. The gasket mount is nice but for me personally not a must have feature. Akko Cloud software is reasonably easy to use, with easy setup of macro's and switching around key functions.

The stabs are very nice, but I changed them with the new screw in stabs Akko sells for around $15,-/15,-. These are very similar to Durock V2's and come with ptfe stabilizer pads as well as the needed screws. 

There is an optional extra sound dampening materiol included as well. The RGB is nice though I personally don't care much for it.

All in all I am very satisfied. I have made a more in depth review on my website:



I think it would be better if only the decoration of the bottom was changed.

I just received mine as well, definitely agree with you on most of the points mentioned, its really bang for your buck.

My stock stabilizers are absolutely phenomenal, no rattle or ticking, akko ftw.


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