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Swap [Esc] and [~] on XD68 PCB


Hi all! I assembled my first custom keyboard on pcb from KPrepublik XD68.

Faced a problem. By default [~] (top left key) works like [ESC].

For type a [`] = [Fn] + [ESC]
For type a [~] = [Fn] + [Shift] + [ESC] - and that's horrible

I want to make it work like a [~] by default, and:

For type a [`] = [Shift] + [ESC]
For run [ESC] = [Fn] + [ESC]

I have tried adjusting the values in and flash keyboard through like this:

"Esc\n\n\n\n~\n`" - default setting
"~\n\n\n\nEsc\n`" - the combination i tried

But does not accept such a combination with error "no maching key"

What am I doing wrong? Or is there any way to customize the key the way I want?

Solved  :D



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