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Is this fixable?

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Hi all,

i tried to remove the switches from my Ducky Mecha Mini to lube them. While removing the solder, i messed up one of the keys (TAB). The pad is ripped off and some of the trace has come off too (see pictures). The key is still functional - tested it with some tweezers. I tried to look into different options of fixing it like copper tape, adding a jumper/bridge, conductive glue. I'm out of my depth here though and can't figure out how to proceed. Can someone point me in the right direction?



Hi Chris, welcome (back) to geekhack :)

Any break between switches is fixable, some are much easier than others and this looks to be one of the easier, though not obvious, ones.  You could solder to the loose traces but it would be a more solid fix if you soldered the pins to the diode and another switch, so please post a photo of a bigger area around Tab with the traces visible as they are in the little photos and I'll put some dots on it to poke-test then solder and it'll be good as new.

hey, thx for responding. I hope these images suffice. I can take more if you need.

Got a bit scared seeing those dip-switches but luckily they're irrelevant.

Looks clear enough - too big for tweezers so find a bit of wire (if it looks suitable it is) and short orange to pink and it should type tab.  If it does you can solder jumpers for the blue and green lines to reconnect the switch good as new.  If you're using stiff wire strip, bend and position it before soldering the switch end then the diode end last to avoid pulling the diode off (unlikely but better safe than sorry )

Wow! I won't pretend that i understand how you figured this out, but it worked! The key is registering when shorting it the way you described. Thank you so much for taking the time  :thumb:

I'll report back once i soldered the jumpers.


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