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Vortex Keyboard Multix TKL new colorways | Available for preorder now


Autumn |  Winter | Spring

Hello everyone,
During 2021, we have launched our Multix with two different colors, which are Summer and Dolch.

This year, we have decided to continue and expend our Multix TKL with different colorways.
It is named Autumn, Winter and Spring
It is estimated to arrive February 2023
New colorways are now available for preorder on our website and some of our partnersí website




Specification of the keyboard:
 - Wired Version
 - Onboard Macro
 - N-Key Rollover
 - ANSI Layout
 - TKL Form Factor
 - Silicone Dampening Pad
-  O-ring Dampeners
 - Sound Absorbing Pad
 - Multi-layout Hot-Swap PCB ( 3 Pin And 5 Pin Supportable)
 - Cherry Profile PBT Double Shot Keycaps
 - Gateron G Pro and Cherry MX switches (South-Facing)
 - Gold Screw-in PCB Stabilizers
 - USB Type-C Connectivity

Bottom Row layout can be change from 6.25 u to 7 u
 Multix 6.25x to 7x.mp4 (7352.5 kB - downloaded 13 times.)



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