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I bought an rj-45 soarers converter off EBay a while back (3-4 yrs ago) and recently tried to use it again after not using it for ~2 years. I used it as I had in the past (plug the keyboard into the converter then converted into the computer) and the converter seems to not be working? Is there anyway to fix this or troubleshoot the converter? It is a pre-made/manufactured Rj45 to USB soarers.

Does it show up as a USB device in your operating system?  If not press the button (assuming it has one) to put it in flashing mode - does it show up then?

from what i remember Soarer made a piece of software to debug his converters, it was in the original thread. tbh, it is too late or me to bother reading through the 100s pages of it, but it was in it for sure


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