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Black IBM M13 for sale


I have a black M13 for sale. It's in very good condition, except that the tracknub thing has worn through (I eventually disposed of it.) It's still usable without it (in fact, I liked it better without it), and you can also find replacements easily.

I'll ask what I paid for it - $75 plus shipping, but I'll entertain reasonable offers.

Sorry about the poor image quality. This camera isn't the best. I'll be happy to get some better pictures via email upon request.

Send me a pm, or an email (stephen at stephenashelton dot com)

Bump for a great price. If I didn't have one I'd get this one.
Hmm, I'm very tempted to get this as a christmas present to myself, always wanted a black M13... However, I'm fearing that the shipping cost alone might be as high as the price - I'm located in Germany.
Also, when you say the touchstick isn't working, is that just due to the red cap missing, or anything wrong with it electrically?


The touchstick/tracknub/whatever functions perfectly, the only problem is that the red cover wore a hole and so I threw it out. I actually liked it better that way, though, and so I never bothered to replace it.

I'll be happy to ship to Germany, but I can't argue that it might be pretty expensive :)



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