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Price Check- What's it Worth?

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--- Quote from: Backspace2 on Sun, 01 May 2022, 09:52:27 ---Price check on Black Bakenko 60? Pretty much new condition, just want to sell it. Maybe 20-ish bucks off retail cost?

--- End quote ---

Sounds about right to me, or retail cost & you eat shipping to the buyer always seemed fair to me for new/like new condition stuff.

Anyone have the current value or recent sale of SA Camping? I am struggling to find anything as far as sold data goes. I have the full set, but donít have the error Mata key.

Looking for some thoughts on some brobots.  Red V1 gamer set and red and blue v2s.


What's a clack julysicle MX worth these days?  Thanks.

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone had an idea of the worth of a lightly used HHKB 25th Anniversary board? It's a branded version, US version.


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