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Neat looking keyboard of Xsphat's - not the hhkbpro2..

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...although that's neat looking too.

Hey man, WHAT is this?

Just wondering.

im guessing from his signature that it's "Apple Desktop Bus, pink Alps non-clicky sliders" w/ spray painted key caps... lol

I know this isn't the same thing but...good keyboard or bad keyboard:


ashort, it is the keyboard from my sig, model number MO116. I have another with clicky orange Alps sliders as well. And the paint came off the keys clean, so the keys are normal now.

And that keyboard on eBay is membrane and CRAP! The good ones that look like that are the Apple Extended and the Apple Extended II. They have the same Alps sliders used in the old Northgate Omnikeys.

HOw do you hit F1-F15 and can you do volume control and CD eject with that keyboard?

Here's another one, for $50 it's mine, what do you think?


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