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Neat looking keyboard of Xsphat's - not the hhkbpro2..

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Those keyboards are 20 years old, so they don't have F keys or any other nice things like we have today. The power button works though. I just use the Apple E command to eject CDs.

The boards type great and I really like the retro look, but there are some trade offs when using kit from that long ago.

ashort, if you can live without the fluff keys, and the F row, buy it, but not for $50:

Good find!  Thanks, I may have to try one out.

Awesome.  Just ordered two of them since I am anticipating another Mac in the house before too much longer.  =-D  

Total with shipping:  $39.90

Time to go get an ADB adapter!


The ADB-USB Adapter from Griffin is $40 all by itself!  

And...I need to call the keyboard people (Mac $ PC Station) and see if I can add an ADB cable or two to the order....missed that...argh.


Ok, emailed them asking them to add two 7' adb cables to the order.  I'd rather not pay $20 in shipping twice for $30 of product.

And now...the search for an ADB/USB adapter that doesn't cost $40.


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