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Majestouch WIRELESS imminent

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I've just ordered the Brown axis wireless from Diatech:

This bluetooth version should be arriving in a couple of weeks.  While I hope to post a mini-review, does the geekhack hivemind have any questions you'd like me to specifically address?

This forum has been so helpful in my search, I feel this is the least I can do :)

BTW, my 'search for the perfect keyboard' is chronicled here:

Thanks for sharing the link to your arstechnica discussion.  I look forward to hearing your impressions of the new 'board.  If only they had a numpad-less one.  ;)

BTW, welcome to geekhack!

What OS / kind of set up are you going use the 'board with?

And I'll be interested in how it fairs at the n-key rollover test.

I'd be interested to know if this keyboard would be detected by the BIOS, allowing you to change settings and so on.  I've never had a wireless keyboard so haven't been able to find out.

EDIT: I noticed after reading that other thread that you were looking for an aluminium switched keyboard.  The closest thing i've ever seen is this:

Sadly it looks like a Japanese-only layout.

Shipped today!!


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