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Check these out:

Faq here:

--- Quote ---They usually range from about $1200 to $1500 or more
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---The keyboards I use are brand new keyboards modeled after the older style "mechanical-switch" models that use Cherry Keyswitches.
--- End quote ---

These keyboards are like works of art. The fellow that does the work certainly has a passion for it. While the price is steep, I certainly won't be buying one, I can see how they get to be that expensive.

It makes you want to relearn all your wood working skills, and learn some other skills like metal work. Used to be very enriching experience to build something physical and be smug of your achievement.
But I'm a programmer so I build things virtually and get other people to build it for me, they look worth $1500 with all their detailing, but I would probably ruin it really quickly. When I become mega-rich I will consider getting one build for me, and with special layout arrangement.
Imagine a HHKB layout version, or other compact layout and a fake printer on the end of it to make it look like an typewriter.

I saw Das and Tactile Pro 2 in there, they may not be you personal fav but you have to credit them for starting with something that's at least "in the ball park".

I, personally don't like them one bit.  I can't imagine them being at all comfortable to type on.  Way too much form over function for me.


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