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Took Chase to a park by the lake this morning for a Bow-Wow Adventures Meet.  We met a new girl who is a Shiba Inu cross named Sunny.  Benny (lab mix) was also in attendance.

Chase sliced another one of his paw pads.  He's going to have to take it easy for a little while.  Silly dog, always playing so rough!

Lake puppy got a bath

That slice looks nasty, why is it not bleeding :confused:

Thanks for clarifying on the pancakes  - I tried again halving everything (except the yogurt) and thought that would make one pancake, but of course it was bigger than half.  I also turned the temperature down to give it longer to cook through without burning the outside...  Result?  One very large and not very cooked pancake, even after 15 minutes.  It was much tastier than my first attempt but the middle was inedibly gooey.  Will try again in the morning if I wake up in time, it's the time of year when I need to be up before the sun which is not natural!

@ suicidal orange

It was bleeding- In the picture I just cleaned it.  Looks like dogs have a layer of padding (fat) there and then there is blood supply under that, so it's a pretty deep cut.  I also just added Vetricyn which is probably deterring the bleeding a little.  Will be calling the vet tomorrow morning :(

Oh wow, didn't know they made stuff for cut animals - great idea!  Hopefully the vet gives him an all clear and not too long going crazy sticking to grassy paths and carpets...

Yep- Vetricyn is really gentle and it keeps the wound nice and moist to help it heal.  We ended up taking Chase to the vet and our vet said that although the cut looks deep it is really just a superficial wound.  Since it is a cut on his foot we still have to treat it gingerly because letting him be too rough on that foot could cause the cut to open even larger.  The vet wrapped the foot and this will help to keep the two "sides" of the wound close together so the cut will heal together nicely, and Chase will also not be getting dirt and stuff in the wound.  I have to put a little baggie on his foot to keep it dry when we go outside because moisture can cause the bandage to constrict and get too tight.   

Suited up to go outside.  Chase has the most awesome kicks and such cute chickens.

Chase is taking it very easy today.  We have an appointment for a wound check and re-wrap on Thursday.


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