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Those cones always make me chuckle but that one looks especially big, Chase really doesn't look impressed.  That's probably why he got the funky chicken bandages - to distract other doggies so they don't laugh at the cone!  Glad it's not serious anyway :thumb:

Is he all fixed now?

Just wanted to give a quick update on Chase.  The dreaded "Cone of Shame" and "Bandage of Shame" have been removed.  He still has 2 days left of antibiotics left and he just finished his bottle of pain killers... :D  He does not show any signs of boo-hoo or weakness.  Chase has destroyed his cone running into the backs of our legs...running into walls and doors... banging into my computer chair... knocking over the food/water dish holder.  You name it, he's probably tried to demolish it with his cone.

You see those light lines on his cone?  Those are all places where the plastic has stressed.

And here's a progress pic of his injured foot.


The wound has pretty much closed and the area has scabbed over.  As soon as the foot pad regrows completely Chase will be as good as new.  The area of the pad around the scab was a bit tough so I've been soaking Chase's foot 2x daily in warm epsom salts water.  Chase isn't spoiled at all!

Chase also has another foot irregularity on his opposite back foot.  We originally thought that it might be a blister, an ailment which would normally be resolved through rest and a course of antibiotics.  Even though it is much smaller than it was a week ago this bumpy area of skin is still persisting.  We may need to revisit the vet to figure out what it is and what to do about it.  It is unfortunate that any time he uses the foot, this area rubs on the ground and then turns into a sore.

Today I took Chase for his first regular walk in about a week.  He has been so stir crazy recently and has been investigating EVERYTHING.  We can't leave anything unattended at the moment.  He also seems to have a problem with authority.  He's been like a crabby little kid- throwing tantrums like no other.

I could tell that Bowie and Chase were both really glad to go to the park today.  We walked on the soft grassy field area so as not to further agitate Chase's feet.  It was a  nice warm fall day at 82 degrees.  Who would have thought it would be like summer in fall?

Leaves are starting to change.  Loving the oranges and reds :)

The puppies had so much fun at the park. 

There is a well-known phrase "Good dogs are tired dogs"

Oh and Chase isn't all crazies and crunch time ALL the time.  He's also a great snuggler and a total sweetheart...

Chase taking care of moving the box full of boxes for us


Hope our friends are well and looking forward to sending out some more photochromic orders.  I packaged up 10-15 boxes this morning and just did 5-6 more.  The boxes we picked for this round of orders are super slick and they are holding everything really securely.  So far we have packaged 32 USA photochromic orders.  Pray to the photochromic otter gods everyone! <3

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