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[Ebay] IBM Model M Bluetooth-USB-Hybrid Controller Replacement Kit

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I'm writing this on my newly installed BLUSB adapter!  Just some feedback to those out there who might be on the fence about this.  The adapter is of very high quality.  The picture with the blue circuit board is what you get, and it's very well made.  It fit tightly in my keyboard without any trouble.

As for the ordering process, I contacted Jorn and he got back to me within a day.  We exchanged several emails, where I would send him pictures of my keyboard and ask questions, and he did his best to answer my questions and help me understand all of the options.  A lot of it was to help me understand what I needed and what I didn't need for my particular keyboard.  He didn't try to upsell, and I dropped some items off my list after I understood things better.  He brought up the battery, inquiring on which one I planned to use, so that he could put on a matching header on the board.  He then fabricated the board according to my requirements and shipped it out a day later.

I don't have a battery to test out the Bluetooth as of yet, but I'll do that sometime next week.  As of right now, the keyboard works great right out of the box.  I'll have to play around with the macros and the configuration tool later.  Overall, this was a very positive experience, and Jorn is interested in putting out a quality product and making sure that you get what you need. 

So I'd just like to post a bit about my experiences in buying this kit. Jorn was super quick to answer any of my dumb questions. I'm not really a keyboard guy, but I like the Model M style and I like well-built things. I picked my keyboard up off of eBay and got to contacting Jorn about getting his kit installed. After I got the kit, I was having trouble mapping the keys. He was right there with me for the few days I took getting it all mapped properly. The keyboard has been working excellently and it's exactly what I wanted. I got my own panel mount USB connector and made an opening in (made a mess of  ;D) the body.

Hi everybody!

I can't praise this enough!
A bit more than 2 years ago I finally had to switch to a new machine and since then I couldn't use my Model M anymore. All experiments with (pretty cheap) USB-adapters failed. In the last weeks I approached the idea of getting a Unicomp, but decided to look for for a way to bring 'my' keyboard back to life. I found this thread (can't tell why I didn't find it earlier - maybe I searched to explicitely for an adapter) and decided to give it a go.
Jörn answered quickly to all of my questions (partially pretty dumb Qs, I got some stuff in the OP wrong...), and since yesterday my Keyboard is back to it's place on the desk  ;D
Everything worked out of the box, no config necessary.
I can tell you it was quite a more emotional moment than I did expect.
Cheers, Jörn!  :thumb:

Just letting everybody this project is alive and well and controller boards are available to anyone interested, just drop me a message!

I just wanted to drop some feedback following my purchase of the controller.

(a) Jorn is great seller and provided me with priceless support, answering all of my questions - silly or not.
(b) The controller is superb int terms of quality.
(c) The installation is super-easy. Completed in 10 minutes, including soldering of battery connector.
(d) The performance is indeed really good, if you consider typical latency of any BT device (that's how I tested the board).

Overall, I only have good words for the product. And BTW - the comments about highish price don't convice me. This must have taken work to develop, put together, etc. I think the deal Jorn offered me is very decent indeed.

Cheers and carry on with a good work Jorn!


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