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The Eye Key - [Group-buy] Monarch butterfly 04/03 - 04/13/2022

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🐌🐌🐌🐌Hi guys,
Continue our work. Following the cute shapes from Chameleon >> Snail is the next product with 4 different colors for you to choose. Hope you enjoy them. They currently have a drop on!
Thank you for your interested ❤️❤️

Hi guys,

Bánh Mě is ready with a next sale. All information at the following link:

Thank you for your interested ❤️❤️


Continuing our work, bring the simple colors of Eagle keycaps with many different options. Hope you enjoy this.

Eagle is a symbol of freedom, is a single bird of prey in the sky with great skills and their keen eyes. Eagle Keycaps will make your mechanical keyboard more special than ever.

They currently have a drop on
Thank you for your interest! ❤️


Continuing the work of The Eye Key team - After a period of hiatus from production and opening for sale, this time we bring you a new Butterfly-themed product from The Eye Key.

Information and order link:

Thank you for your interest and support  :-*


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