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Introducing the Group Buy for:
A project by dingusxmcgee and KnoblesseOblige
Photo credit to Hoodrow Thrillson

Paw is an arrow cluster macropad, aimed at expanding any desk setup with increased functionality, sleek design and convenience.
With onboard Bluetooth, brass accents and a sandblasted polycarbonate case, Paw will be a standout piece no matter where you use it.

More pics by Hoodrow and Even more pics by Hoodrow

Short Demo Video

Sandblasted Polycarbonate Top and Bottom(frosted)
Sandblasted, Top mount Brass plate
Sandblasted Brass weight
Approximately 81 grams built
4 Onboard RGB LEDs
PCB includes ESD protection and optional Hotswap
Onboard Bluetooth functionality
Note: Due to licensing conflicts, Paw will not ship, nor be compatible with, main QMK. It will ship with ZMK, and Bluetooth-first firmware that has more permissive licensing and better battery life optimizations. A QMK fork will be available to self-compile if you would like to pursue that method. Please note that ZMK will not have feature parity with QMK, though it is being actively developed and maintained. You can find more information here:
150mah battery (approximate usage rates: 30 days of active use and 60 days standby)
Note: values are approximate and subject to change based on usage and firmware used

GroupBuy Details
Start Date:10PM EST November 9th
End Date:10PM EST November 23rd
Quantity: Maximum 200 units
Method: FCFS
Price: $150 USD
Estimated Ship Date: January-February 2021

Aeternus Decorum

Limited edition full arrow cluster artisans, crafted and cast by the infinitely talented Pseudoku!
These will be available alongside the Paw kit on Aeternus Decorum
50 x translucent with mica powders @ $30/unit
Colors available: red, blue, green, black(colors will be chosen randomly)
10 x Petri @ $45/unit
2 x tungsten kintsugi cold cast @ $60/unit
2 x kintsugi petri  @ $60/unit
See examples of previous work at Pesudoku's Instagram page! Asymplex
See examples of the full arrow artisans here!
Note that these are photos of sample units and may show visible defects. These defects are not representative of the final product

Special ThanksSpecial thanks to our prototype round buyers for their patience and willingness to join us on this project. We would not be where we are without your trust and interest in what we do.
Thanks to KnoblesseOblige for being an incredible person to work with and for always bringing his best to the table, this project would not be here without you.
Huge thanks to my wife for supporting me in this hobby.
Thanks to Hoodrow for the beautiful Paw photos.
Thanks to Rose for helping with artwork.
Shoutout to my mom, who will never read this. Love you mom.

go away sam

11-9-20 - Additional note that unfortunately due to strict import regulations of many international countries, any order that is not in North America will not be shipped with a battery and will be given a refund for the cost of the battery. See links below for international options to purchase batteries. We apologize for the inconvenience. Note that this will also be listed on the store page at launch.

If neither of these links ship to your country we recommend a 402025 lithium ion battery.

11-9-20 - small update to the artisan listing, clarified the types and amount available.

Never! Looks cute, glwb  :thumb:


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