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Best Keyboard kit under around 300?

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Keyboard kit for around 300 or less. I am not looking for the best value, but the best I can get for 300. Here is what I am looking for:

Sound somewhat similar to this: Nice pop sound to it, somewhat creamy sound too.

65/60 percent, either is fine (WKL, HHKB are fine too)
Gasket mounted
Nice build quality
Looks nice (Preferred)
Brass plate (Preferred but aluminium is fine as well)
Hot swap PCB
In Stock, or will be within the next few months (GBs are fine as long as shipping not over a year)
Decent weight

I already have the other parts that I need:
Durock v2 stabs
Tealios v2 switches
GMK keycaps
Krytox 205 G0

I have looked at tofu60/65 but it is gasket mount. Also I have looked at the phantom 65 and it seems pretty promising, but are there a better, higher quality keyboard around 300 USD?

I am deciding between Salvation 60, phantom 65, tofu 65. But any other suggestions is much appreicated.

I am fairly new to custom keyboards and need some advice on a kit. Sorry if anything I say is a dumb question I am a beginner. Also, I know this is about preference but if anyone could just give their personal opinion and give an explanation it would be very helpful.

You're asking for a $500-$700 cutting edge chassis for $300.
Do you understand just how expensive KeyCult is?  While you can get really close for a whole lot less you're drooling over a Bugatti when you a have a BMW 3 series budget. There's nothing wrong with a 3 series budget, it's just a long, long way from Bugatti.

There's a very limited number of aluminum boards between $200 and $300, all are Chinese, not that it's a bad thing but they're rarely as cutting edge, feature loaded or as good on fit and finish, especially compared to KeyCult. There's almost nothing with gasket mount, brass weight or a brass plate, that's an option and options add cost, and in your price range there's just not a lot of room for optional parts. In stock, good luck. Then you want to dictate all these other features, hot swap, stab mount, weight, quality, looks. I'm not saying there's nothing that matches up close to what you want, but getting even 3/4ths of these or even in stock makes it really difficult.

As for your choices
I'm curious how tall the front row on the Salvation 60 is, that has to be a really tall keyboard. Phantom 65, is done, unless you can get a used one, you won't be getting one, group buys are almost always one run only, if you miss it, you miss it. BTW, recent group buys that sell second hand fetch huge prices. As for Tofu, it could take months to reach you because shipping is horrible.

Some actual in stock, actually available options are GMMK Pro,  Novelkeys NK65 Aluminum Edition, both often run out of stock though. Idobao is another brand you may want to check out, they have a GMMK Pro style (might be the same board) as well as a common TKL layout. If you're willing to wait a bit, check out KBDfans.

What gasket mount board around that price range can you recommend?


--- Quote from: elektralyt on Wed, 05 May 2021, 19:33:41 ---What gasket mount board around that price range can you recommend?

--- End quote ---
The only one I can think of even remotely in stock is the GMMK Pro and it doesn't have the "trampoline" effect you're probably after.
Gasket mount is too new (and in my opinion highly misunderstood and abused), it takes a while for ultra high end stuff to trickle down to high end keyboards, if ever. Others here may have some ideas but your options are severely limited on that.

You can mod certain boards to have it, like the Tofu, GH60, Poker and similar but it's more hack than mod and these are also pretty much the only boards that have much of a trampoline effect.

How much deflection is this trampoline effect


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