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--- Quote from: Sneaky Potato on Thu, 08 April 2021, 19:44:39 ---
Thanks for the post, Hedgey. I havenít been as active online lately because I spend the majority of my time casting or with my growing family these days, but your criticisms are valid, and Iíll do my best to reply to your points.

1.Yes, it has been longer than usual lately for sale fulfillment, specifically our last one. This is a common issue that is at the absolute top of our list, which almost always comes down to lack of manpower, or the fact that we are trying to juggle life along with KeyForge (not an excuse, just a fact). There are always several factors at play with individual sale shipping delays, some of which arenít always in our control. For those who simply waited with labels printed, it was due to our sticker batch being misprinted and having to request a new batch last-minute. Obviously other things come up to increase delay at times, but we've gotten better overall at managing our personal lives around KeyForge. We actually have two extra sets of paid hands for shipping 4/20 out, and we plan on having their help for the remainder of the year. Thereís never one single reason for delays, but we are improving the ones that are directly our fault. Every sale we look at what we can do better, and try to do those things. Sometimes it's managing time better, other times it's switching up software and processes that we use to do all of this.

2.I'm glad the darker face on some Apostasy keys was brought to my attention, and it's definitely something I should have caught earlier. I hear those that feel this is not what they originally were purchasing based on the photo, and Iím always happy to fix those problems. Generally there arenít discrepancies between batches, if a competent and non-exhausted artisan is pouring keys lol. However, I stand by my keys and Iíll always fix anything that I didnít catch, including Apostasy. Our goal is to eliminate any need for fixing anything, and we're a lot closer to that today than we were when we started.

3.Sales are always limited-raffle unless designated as Fulfillment, which Iím honestly only able to do once per year due to how long it takes me to cast and fulfill. To your larger point about not always including exact numbers, itís a personal thing. I want people to buy the keys they want, not just because there were only 12 of a certain one and itís now a collectors item to some people. Iíve had this stance since nearly the beginning, when keys were extremely desired and people wanted to have very rare ones. I do mention when keys have very low numbers, as I donít want to shatter expectations when nobody gets one. If more of my keys eventually make it into the market for trade or resale, thatís how it goes. Not to sound insensitive, but I donít have time to watch the market. I just hope it's a tool that people can use to get keycaps at a reasonable price that they weren't able to get through me or other artisans.

4.Daily we are flooded with emails from people asking for more colors, more sales, more extras, etc. Our biggest ask is repeats of previous colorways that not many were able to get. The cry for ďmoreĒ far exceeds what we ever realistically expected, and continues to climb. We (specifically me) just canít do it without significant expansion, and I donít believe KeyForge was ever meant to be that way, and I would probably close shop before I let that happen. This year was especially telling, since more people were at home than ever before. We honestly are trying our best to give people a fair shot at getting a key, since I canít realistically make those kinds of numbers with my bare hands and still see my wife and daughter each day. Constant order fulfillment is not possible, nor do I want to attempt that. Literal thousands of people want these keys nearly every raffle sale, many of whom are completely new to the hobby. Iím trying my best to very slowly increase numbers so that people stop getting angry at me for never winning lol. Every sale I still get individuals who have entered for years and never been selected, while others win regularly and have large collections. Others still continue to attempt to enter with fake emails and through multiple friends to maximize chances of winning. Regardless, I'm just trying to keep up.

5.There are many talented artisans in the growing community, Iím not the only one to buy from if you're disaffected with my current work. Iíll continue to try my best to improve the process and the final keys that are delivered, and fix any problems that arise. Iíll keep trying my best to address issues and improve casting, and that won't stop. I often look to other artisans in the community as examples of how to be better.

Here is what Erika and I are currently doing to address these issues that have been raised:

Hired additional help for shipping and fulfillment. We have two individuals who will be helping us pack and ship the 4/20 sale and sales going forward. We expect a drastic increase in shipping speeds. These people are familiar with the community and the expectations we have with order accuracy.

Colorways should always be what is expected, no excuses. First, I will be including multiple shots of colorways on the sale page going forward, in order to set correct expectations. Second, Iíll go through extra steps with each batch to ensure uniformity and less mistakes like Apostasy going forward. Generally we catch these problems, it appears I was off my game this past sale in that regard. I'm currently working with some more talented photographers than myself to help me create photos that truly and identically represent the physical product in-hand, which is harder sometimes that it sounds. If you aren't a great photographer (me), then a snapped picture can look nothing like what is right in front of you. As the weather changes (winter is tougher for me) I have to adapt my limited photography skills. Again, not an excuse, but an explanation. I'm working on fixing it.

Limited colorways (1-2 per sale, mostly single sculpt, with a third being shishi v2 or another complicated sculpt at times) each sale, means less stress on us and lower chances for packaging mistakes and colorway discrepancies. Moving to only two or so colorways each sale will be the norm going forward, itís just easier on me and gives me more time with my family. Weíve also shifted to trying out a more regular and relaxed schedule of sales (every 2-3 months) so that we can have more normalcy and our lives back, but more importantly improve overall quality.

Communication. We have a little better handle on how to email everyone without spamming them, so we will be utilizing it a lot more in future sales for updates.

I hope this helps answer your questions, and  that everyone is doing well in their personal situations. This past year has been extremely difficult for many, including us, and we know that sometimes a great key brings a lot of happiness when everything else around you sucks. We are moving to less frequent sales, fewer colorways, and quicker support and shipping in order to keep things simple. We appreciate all of you, and will continue our best to make caps that you can all enjoy.


--- End quote ---

Thank you for the fantastic and well written response.  I agree with all of your points and if anyone understands wanting to spend time with the family I do right now with a little under 2 year old.  As I said, I wasn't trying to flame or anything of that nature but provide feedback in what I felt was a constructive manner.  I appreciate you understanding that and responding to each one of my points I laid out.

I will continue to support you guys because I do love the sculpts and I think that you limiting colorways is a great idea and one you've obviously thought about recently/in the past.  So this is also awesome to see.

I wish you guys nothing but the best and hope you do have that work/life balance that you desire.  It's something I think we're all trying to manage these days. 

Thanks again!

Been seeing some new things on the webpage. Sorry if Iíve refreshed a lot this past 40 minutes... but with experimental tab and sales 4/21 both needing a password, Iíve been hard at work trying to figure it out, but without luck.


--- Quote from: wikkiwikki420 on Wed, 21 April 2021, 12:40:39 ---Been seeing some new things on the webpage. Sorry if Iíve refreshed a lot this past 40 minutes... but with experimental tab and sales 4/21 both needing a password, Iíve been hard at work trying to figure it out, but without luck.

--- End quote ---

There's a sale now at or directly at

Hoping for experimental section to open when I am around. Fcfs is my kind of style

I am Probably speaking out of turn, but Iíve been watching the experimental section like a hawk all week. Tomorrow is Saturday, so I guess my question is... is the ent fcfs sale happening this week or will there be any leeway or advanced warning of an incoming sale.



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