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[GB] Mechlovin' Rouge - OTD Compatible PCB & Plates
« on: Tue, 16 February 2021, 11:10:34 »
We started working on this project early last year, and it is a challenging one. The aim was to get the dimensions as right as possible to ensure cross compatibility with the OG OTD parts, and that’s why it took us many trials and errors, but we’re glad to say that we’ve figured it out. A few important notes to get this going (please read VERY carefully):

- We ran a separate PCB & Plate GB for UTD 360C a few weeks ago ( UTD PCB & Plates are NOT fully cross-compatible with OTD due to some different spacings (though a whole UTD build does work on the OTD 360C and vice versa)

- We are releasing the files after the GB concludes (everything delivered). We hope that will help with future research by other community members and we’ll ultimately see much more modern builds of the legendary OTD boards.

- Research for this GB is completely separate from one done on Kawasaki161’s Geekhack IC ( However, we’re taking notes from their IC thread regarding the PCB and Plate compatibility, which brings us to the next point.

- We were only able to test the Rouge PCB on 2 OTD boards: The Cheat and 360C, and the Rouge plate is modelled after the 360C parts. We obviously wanted to do more but OTD boards have gotten so rare and so expensive that (1) buying more for research was simply not an option and (2) people we knew having those boards were understandably reluctant to lend us parts for research. Therefore, as a precautionary practice, we can only guarantee PCB compatibility for the Corsa 360C and the Cheat; and Plate compatibility for the 360C. The following notes are taken directly from Kawasaki161’s Geekhack IC FOR REFERENCE PURPOSE ONLY, which means neither they nor we will be held accountable should usability issues arise with the listed boards below (apart from the 360C and the Cheat). Big thanks to Kawasaki161 and Alisonica for their previous research and we hope their GB will materialise soon.

PCB*: fits OTD 356.2, 360c, 456gt, The Cheat, (356n and 356n mkii, but only with a different plate because it does not support the original layout), and is very likely to fit 356cl, 356cl DGE and 356cls, so every TKL except the 356l.*

Plate*: fits the 456gt, 360c and 356.2. It does not fit the Cheat (which uses different mounting), the 356cl and the 356cl DGE. Fitment on 356n and 356n mkii is not confirmed but possible.*

This is apparently very uncharacteristic of us, but we feel that we have exhausted every feasible course of action, and the only (and best) thing we can do right now is to make the products available and follow up with further research and feedback. As mentioned, we’re making the files available after GB fulfillment and vouch to provide as much support as possible to future research done by other community members.


• PCB is programmable via QMK and VIA

• PCB thickness and material: Red 1.2mm CEM-3, similar to the OG OTD PCB (with 0.4mm spacers included)

• Powered by STM32F303 MCU. Supported layout

• MX Only

• ESD protection

• PCB color: Red solder mask with immersion gold coated pads.

• FR4 Plate specs: 1.6mm in Red, with flex cuts

• Polycarbonate Plate specs: 1.5mm CNC’d and sandblasted, no flex cuts

Rouge PCB & Plate prototypes on the OTD 360C (final products will be in RED)

Rouge PCB prototype on the Cheat plate



PROTOTYPE PHOTO ALBUM. (Better pics will be taken soon after we’re back from CNY break):
• Price (excluding international shipping from Vietnam, calculated based on buyer’s location)

$55 per PCB (with 0.4mm stabilizer spacers included)

$29 (USD) per FR4 Plate

$39 per Polycarbonate Plate

• MOQ: None.

• Group buy form opens on Tuesday, February 16th at 23:00 (GMT+7) for TEN DAYS.

• Invoices will be sent out ASAP after form submission. Payment deadline is 48 hours after the invoice is issued.


The expected production time is 6-8 weeks, so we’re looking to start shipping at the end of April/ early May.

Shipping during the pandemic is generally still unpredictable. The (very) good news is we have been able to work with our EU and US proxy to further reduce the base shipping rate, so it's now $19 instead of $25 like with previous GBs (please note that this is the base rate and ordering more items will result in higher shipping fees).

DHL(3-5 day delivery) has announced a new and increased fee scheme (they normally increase their shipping rates by around 5% each year), but we’re honouring the rates offered in last year GBs, at least for now. Though we’re still offering standard shipping (using national post) for non-US and non-EU destinations, we highly recommend choosing the DHL option for much faster and safer shipping.


Our product pricing has been adjusted to reflect the hikes in costs of production and components, especially with MCU prices skyrocketing in the last few months. The increase in the final product pricing is not significant by any means, but we would like to be transparent and hope to have your understanding.

The Rouge PCB does not have a USB connector as per the original design, so you will need to solder your cable onto the PCB. There will be labels on the soldering positions to make the job easy.

While we do send important GB updates via emails, the best way to stay updated and connected is to join our Discord server, and maybe follow us on Instagram if you're interested in our work.


Thank you and have a good one!
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Re: [GB] Mechlovin' Rouge - OTD Compatible PCB & Plates
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Approved :thumb:

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Re: [GB] Mechlovin' Rouge - OTD Compatible PCB & Plates
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yee ordered
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Re: [GB] Mechlovin' Rouge - OTD Compatible PCB & Plates
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GB of the year. Bless you guys.