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[IC] GMK Arabian Sea | GB is Live! [June 15 - July 15]

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GB is Live!15 June - 15 July

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More“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Arabian Sea is a part of Indian Ocean that bounded on the north by Pakistan, Iran, and the Gulf of Oman.
On the west by the Gulf of Aden, Guardafui Channel and the Arabian Peninsula
It is also has been an important marine trade route since the era of the coastal sailing vessels from possibly as early as the 3rd millennium BCE.
This southern coastal route past the rough country in the southern Arabian Peninsula was significant,
and the Egyptian Pharaohs built several shallow canals to service the trade, one more or less along the route of Suez Canal,
and another from the Red Sea to the Nile River.
Today Arabian Sea remains a huge part of trade routes for a lot of ships.

This beautiful keycap set dedicated to my tremendous love for arabic world, ships and sea

Sea has not one color, but many

To note: Colors i want to achive in this set is pretty tricky in terms of tone and tint
and some of you may see it differently due to phone screen / monitor settings and even more different due to
render lightning and shadows, i hope its understandable

Arabic Base with ISO Support (sublegends are double-shot)
UK-ISO is not possible in this kit due to arabic sublegends

Nautic-themed novelties kit (double-shot)

Full Alice/Arisu support, Manila, and upcoming Type-K with 3U spacebars.
Updated with accent alice-type spacebars

I know there is not nearly enough support for you guys these days and i could not let myself to leave you on the beach
So come aboard pilgrims, alhough i don't use 40% myself i think this kit features almost everything you need
Please let me know if there is anything else you want to add or change

Separated numpad kit due to reducing base kit's
more information can be found in updates section spoiler down below

This kit is for all of my international friends who have asked for it, i hope you like it!

TGR Jane V2 CE by Yuktsi

TGR Alice by Yuktsi

Dalco 959 Mini by DALExSNAIL


LandCaps Rangda and Barong

Want to talk in private?
Discord: KucherenkoZZZ#6690

Wish to support this set? Add a link below to your profile

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Profile -> Forum Profile -> Signature -> Ctrl + V

[05/18/21] — IC Posted[05/25/21] — TGR Jane V2 CE Renders[06/01/21] — Latin Base revealed / Kitting changes / Numpad Kit
Now Latin Base is officially a part of GMK Arabian Sea keycap set, it features full ISO-UK support
as well as a new kitting

1) IC Form feedback shown that 82% users don't need numpad in base kit and i can't argue with that
Moving numpad to separate kit will allow us to reduce price which is a great thing, especially with Arabic Base
I will try to make a good price for a numpad so it should be approximately the same price (updated base + numpad kit)
as if you would buy a base kit with numpad in it.

2) 2.00U Shift has been added to both bases

3) R1 pipe is now in alpha color
[06/18/21] — Novelties Redesign[07/09/21] — NorDeUk Kit & Spacebars Update[08/11/21] — TGR Alice Renders[09/15/21] — Dalco 959 Mini Renders[10/08/21] — Deskmat / Waiting for quotes[12/06/21] — LandCaps Artisans[01/05/22] — HIBI Artisan[01/31/22] — Minor kitting changes[03/21/22] — Vendors List[04/22/22] — GB Date June 15 - July 15[06/15/22] — GB is Live!

Cool stuff. GLWIC.

Baka Bot:
ok I dont hate this

As an Arabic person, the font destroys my brain...

Hi, I have some feeback about kitting:
_ The R1 pipe key next to F13 should be in alpha color.
_ Stepped caps lock, Scroll Lock and Num Lock should be all in one-line to be consistent with other nav keys.
_ Please add a 1.25u Fn key to the base kit since you don't have any or rename the 1.25u Menu key to 1.25u Fn.

_ I think the novelty should strengthen the theme of the set hence I propose having sea-related images as novelties instead of word.

_ Mod color space bars are the least popular in the community, please consider replacing these mod color bars to alphas and accent colors.


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