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[IC] ibis - Blackbird layout FRL 1800

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Here is ibis

This is an interest check, because I am not sure how many of these I'll have made/sell/etc yet.

Max is 100 units, could def do less than that

Price unsure, will depend a bit on the final quotes but aiming for something in between 515-650

The goal is a smooth GB, working on speeding up things with my fabs and making this a quicker experience for everyone. Because we all got other crap to do lol

The specs

- FRL 1800 - Based on the Duck Blackbird, a legendary board and one I've loved for a long time
- PCB w/ some of the usual buzzwords: USB Type-C, ESD protection, PCB mount stabs, caps/num lock indicator LEDs (solderable), MX ONLY switch compatibility
- NO hotswap, Alps compatibility (sorry), or in-switch LEDs
- QMK/VIA/that jazz
- 6063 aluminum case, SS304 + brass weight (same idea as tkl one but with 2 stainless pieces, oooo)
- Plates will prob be 6063 aluminum, FR4 full and maybe half, brass? idk what else
- Top mount or burger mount
- Torx (T6) fasteners for the case/plate, I think T10 for the weight but who needs to take that out unless youre nosy lol

WK and WKL options for case top and layout. Somewhat limited layout wise, because I wanted to limit it.

Colors will be the red I did the protos in, probably silver and maybe black or some sort of darker green bc those are cool too.

ETA for buy start is end of June/beginning of July. depends on quotes and things. This board has already been prototyped and built by a few close friends, and reception was overwhelmingly positive.

The buy will be a raffle, with a capped # of entries. This is to ensure a set "chance" of "winning" the "opportunity" to "purchase the kit at group buy price"

I will likely do something similar with domestic (USA/Canada) and international orders as I did with the Trinity XT in-stock raffle. The raffle winners will be proportional to # of entrants from either set of regions.

Please fill out the IC form (it is short):

Keep up to date with this project and others on my Discord:


Unbuilt prototype pics


will i be allowed to use mod pipe and tilde on this keyboard?

Nice looking board. I definitely think that the small blockers might look better than the solitary 0.5u on the left. Neat idea. Imagine using buzzwords on your original post :dafoe:

Darker green should also look great. GLWIC


--- Quote from: Kokaloo on Wed, 09 June 2021, 16:46:37 ---will i be allowed to use mod pipe and tilde on this keyboard?

--- End quote ---

i guess if you want lmao

The proto looks great, all the colours are great choices, the project overall seems great.

See you on raffle day.


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