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GB: September 2022

iS0 by Illuminati Keyboards

MilkyWay Pavilion is inspired by the beautiful butterflies and moths that flutter around butterfly pavilions. An elegant serif typeface and custom mod icons provide an elegant feel, while the combination of warm and cool greys allow almost any accent color to look right at home. Pavilion offers three accents from famous insects for you to pick your own butterfly or moth: a bright orange monarch butterfly, a golden yellow death’s-head hawk moth, and a pale green luna moth.

All novelty illustrations created by stellaidoscope#0666.

Petrichor by Alchemist Keyboards Fuji65 by CMM Studio M60-A by Rama Works The Paragon by Artemis Design Studio MB 44 by MelonBred Phoenix WK by Cable Car Designs Petrichor by Alchemist Keyboards Fuji65 by CMM Studio M60-A by Rama Works Phoenix WKL by Cable Car Designs Cypher by Cable Car Designs Rotor by PopSmoke
All deskmat illustrations created by LiquidFaeStudios.
Tarot Deskmat | D60 Lite by KBDFans & Phoenix NUM by Cable Car Designs Flower Deskmat | Maya by Vulcan
Estimated Delivery: Q1 2023
China: MilkyWay
US: Mechs & Co.
CA: Kanatakeys
EU: EloquentClicks
UK: Prototypist
SEA: ZionStudios
OCE: Allcaps
India: Stackskb

Kitting has been finalized and submitted for quotes. I am aiming for a <$100 base kit.

Q: How were the colors selected?
A: Colors were selected by comparing pantones to sustainably sourced insect specimens, as shown in the 3 photographs at the top of this post. I would prefer not to release the Pantone color codes to combat cloners; however, if the community expresses significant concerns regarding the colors I am willing to post the color codes. Photographs of color samples will be available before GB.
Q: These lines on the novelties look thin, how confident are you in MW’s ability to produce these?
A: All accent novelties were created with a line thickness of 0.15 mm, and test photos of prior mod novelties with those restrictions are available below of regular and reverse dyesub. Based on how good the regular dyesub tests are, I am confident in MW’s ability to produce the regular dyesub novelties. Initial testing of the reverse dyesub mod novelties was a little blurry, so we’ve revised the reverse dyesub novelties to a line thickness of 0.18-0.20 mm for the reverse keys. I will be receiving samples before GB so any further tweaks that need to be made will occur after seeing samples.
Click MORE to see images of the tests. Note that the dyesub tests are old versions of the novelties and are NOT properly aligned. The Reverse dyesub tests are up to date.

Q: I’ve heard that dyesub doesn’t work well with greys, can MW make these colors?
A: Due to the high amount of contrast on the mods and alphas I do believe MW can make these colors in dyesub. If there are issues I have prepared a contingency plan to use slightly different colors that shouldn’t change the feel of the set but should avoid issues of greys in dyesub turning red.
Q: Why are there accent ansi enters in base but not iso enters?
A: MW has a significant MOQ for child kits that have colors not in the base kit, and because this is an accent-focused set, I included R1 Esc keys and Ansi enter keys of each color in the base kit. My understanding is that offering four iso enters is not possible with MW’s standard packaging and would significantly increase prices, so I did not include them in the base kit.
Q: Why are mod novelties in every accent kit?
This was initially designed as a “pick your butterfly/moth” set, so mod novelties are included in each accent kit, which function as combined novelty and accent kits. However, I understand that some customers may want to purchase multiple accent kits. If enough people indicate on the IC form that they want to purchase multiple accent kits I will split the mod novelties from the accent kits and put them in their own kit. Mod novelties have been split from accent novelties.
Q: Does this set support 40s boards?
A: 40s users can get nearly full coverage of all 40s and orthos boards by purchasing the base kit and the 40s kit. Ortho accents (R3 & R4 1u enter) and 40s accents (R3 1.5u & 1.75u enter) are provided in each accent kit. After discussing the kitting in the 40s discord server, I will to move all 40s accents (with novelties) and combine them with the 40s kit if the price is right, and will be get quotes for both options. 40s accents have all been merged into a single 40s kit, along with agnostic novelty mod legends that will work with either base kit, or a prior set you already own!

Please reach out to me on discord if you are interested in a resin artisan collaboration (Cylent#8718). After talking to some cable vendors I do not intend to have a cable collab as it doesn't make economical sense to have a 80-90 USD cable when a standard grey/black will match just fine for significantly less. I am currently in talks with metal artisan collaborators and Stellaidoscope and I plan to have a new design ready to go before GB.

Nolsia for helping me start this project
Erin from LiquidFaeStudios and Stellaidoscope for their amazing artwork and illustrations
NoPunIn10Did and DrHigsby for their help with kitting
SpikedSynapse, ImperfectLink, Mark The Weeb, Maxvoltar, BobaSweatandTears & more for their feedback on designs and renders!

Please consider copying this banner to you show your support for MW Pavilion!

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--- End code ---

05/07/22 | Alt Base Kit Question added to IC form
05/13/22 | Kitting Changes! (Click More to see all kitting changes)
More-Alternate Base Kit with Cherry-style legends added
-Removed Numpad Kit and placed Numpad in both base kits.
-Separated Mod Novelties from Accent Kits.
-Added 3 R1 Novelties to Mod Novelties.
-Removed 40s accents from accent kits
-Added 40s accent novelties to 40s Kit
-Removed 1u shift from Base and added to 40s
-Added R1 Side-profile butterfly/moth novelties to accent kits
-Added Cherry-style accent arrows to accent kits

05/18/22 | Added Cherry Legend Board Renders
06/06/22 | Updated 40s Kitting
More-Changed serif icons in 40s Kit to Mod novelties.

06/13/22 | Full Vendors Announced!
07/18/22 | NorDe Kit Updated, UK Iso now in Base

Looks Great! GLWIC :thumb:

Font isn't my favorite, but I like the accents GLWIC  :thumb:

I LOVE the idea of a muted set that can match any colors accents.

Add a morpho and you will be getting so much money out of me holy ****. (Morphos are my favorite butterflies, followed directly by monachs and luna moths...)

(im in danger)


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