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Hello geekhack I'm here today to show you a keyboard I've been working on for the past month:
- Odyssey Tkl -Ic form

I will keep it simple and short, I've been designing commission keyboards for a bit over 2 years now, this is my first ever design going through group buy.
Originally made to use with my spare tkl pcb, but I liked the design so much I've decided to run a groupbuy for it.
- 8 Degrees typing angle
- F13 Wkl layout
- ≈ 20.75mm front height
- Top mount (Gummy worm mount added for proto 2 soon)
- RGB Lightbar
- Custom Pcb by Mai The San - SawnsProjects
- Case material: 6063 Alu
- Plate material: 5052 Alu, Carbon fibre
- Internal weight: Stainless steel sandblasted
- External weight: Stainless steel mirror polished
- Nameplate: Brass sandblasted
- Total weight: ≈ 3.2kg unbuilt

Sales information
Since this is my first gb ever, I want to start small first for easier qc
- Limited 20 slots: 10 locally Vietnam and 10 International
- Price: 500-550
- Sales method: Raffle
Current progress
- Ordered prototype in red, ordered pcb
- Finish renders, Ic created
- Top finished milling

- Bot finished milling

More renders

Special thanks
To my friend Mai The San for designing the pcb
To pontus for helping me with learning to render
And for all of my friends and everyone who's been with me through my keyboard design journey
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UPDATE: It's been a long time since the last update, so Im gonna make a quick one regarding the status of the project. Currently, I have received and built the prototype as of last week


  I will have a sound test coming out soon as I currently don't have quality audio equipment to do so. As for the quality of the prototype, we have some issues with the current manufacturer; due to that, I have decided to move the manufacturing to CherryB, a local factory in my country for better communication and QC as they have previous experience with running keyboards.

  For the design of the keyboard, I have made some changes including: adding compatibility for gummy oring mount, changed plate screw to M3, added a blank nameplate option for users to customize themselves. The case is compatible with Hiney H88 but Led bar won't be supported.

  Lastly, for the groupbuy date, the planned release would be around Q4 2022 or Q1 2023 depending on my situation (could be later though, no promises). I am planning to send prototype to a local streamer to build, review and for soundtest, information regarding that coming soon.

  That's all I want to update for now, I will have another progress update (hopefully) at the end of this month, but thank you all for reading this far and still keeping interests in this project and have a great day everyone!

I love you zlane. This side profile is insane.

looks great!

GLWIC. Red is hot.


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