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Try asking the mods again? I was given an account maybe 6 months ago and it was relatively pain free.

I guess my point was that it was doomed to fail.  As kawa said, "it is necessarily obtuse for now."  In that sense I understand the move to the forum, where it takes literally zero effort for existing users to get started.  It just isn't as good for storing data of an encyclopedic nature.

I agree with the thought that the wiki shouldn't be abandoned. Threads are great for getting a bunch of raw information at the start. But once that data is compiled and will likely only need to be tweaked or have entries updated as we go a wiki make sense.

I think the wiki could be updated in much the same fashion as the Keycap Color thread. With a call for information thread and then an editor to clean it up once it's all collected.


--- Quote from: CPTBadAss on Thu, 10 October 2013, 11:49:26 ---It's not here. To set an inline image to a width you like try this:

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So if I borrow jdcarpe's avatar:

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If you want to learn more about bbcode, I highly recommend reading this bbcode guide from TeamLiquid.

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I broke your post with my new avatar. :(

Fixed it jdcarpe :P

And as far as I know, the mods/admins have concluded the mediaWiki doesn't work for our community. Which is why the Keepers were created to port the format to a forum-esque format.

For me personally? I agree that the Wiki as it stands isn't working. I hate editing the Wiki and so has anyone who has offered to help me in the past. Smallfry refused to work in the Clack Wiki and would ask me to make the updates because the code is frustrating to learn. As a volunteer, I'd rather not spend two hours of my spare time making a picture box work (which yes, I really did) when I can pound out a huge update to a regular forum thread. A Wiki might be way better at organizing but the learning curve for people helping is much higher, like Metalliqaz said.

If people really want, I can talk to mkawa when I see him and rknize to see what their thoughts are on keeping the mediaWiki. But like I said as far as I know, it's going away.


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