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--- Quote from: MOZ on Sun, 08 September 2013, 05:49:51 ---I didn't think I could get any jelly of not being in the US, but this thread has shown me another side of me. :P

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choi young gyoo on the forums. but please address him properly as either CYG or Dr. Choi (since he is a doctor). and please don't bug him about his 356cl. thanks buds.

For me Sketch up and KiCAD seem the next software.

I can read and edit files in PCB, still not good enough to start from scratch.


--- Quote from: mkawa on Sun, 08 September 2013, 08:21:12 ---well, start with bpiph's gerbers for the phantom board, and read up on restrictions on trade width and separation for SMD design, and talk to komar a lot. he uses kicad, which is free. it's pretty terrible, but it's free, and frankly komar has become an expert on it, so he's a great person to talk to.

bpiph also designed the original phantom PCB with kicad, so he knows the ins and outs. kicad is frankly, not very good pcb layout software, but we have a wealth of templates for cherry switches and other things; for example, komar has a teensy layout template that places a teensy on the design without socketing. talk, design, be happy!

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Helps a lot. Watch this space :))


--- Quote from: Photekq on Sat, 07 September 2013, 23:48:35 ---Who's CYG? :-[

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Dr. Nepho

I'll agree with CPT, I'm pretty handsome.


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