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[IC] G-Square Vintage 60s (65/75%)
« on: Tue, 28 March 2023, 11:33:28 »

Vintage 60s - 65/75% Keyboard
Designed by G-Square Studio
- Intro
- Design
- Structure
- PCB and Layouts
- Colorways
- Specification
- Q&A
- IC Forms & Discord
Welcome back to ClickClack! This time we have the privilege of announcing a new collaboration - with the G-Square Studio, who have designed a retro-themed sleek 65/75% keyboard named the "Vintage 60s"! A detailed design with many different textures and styles, as well as some special editions, this board is a beauty to behold~

The first kit made in the circle was the Vintage 80, and a year later the Vintage series continued with the Vintage60s. 80s was not favored at first, mainly because of the large, and the vintage look was rather niche, but sales were also over budget, still quite satisfying, the V60 v1 was much better than the 80 when it went on sale, probably because of the solenoid valve, sales were 5 times that of the 80, and the distance to the v1 are almost 2 years old, off and on there was a lot of people asking for it, thank you very much for the support! v1 was run only to China, however after the reiterations over the years, the new and improved v2 will be run both.

On the front of the 60s, is a recessed badge slot, with a PVD badge that is placed in. There are different badges that can be placed there, and you can even make your own!

For the board’s design, there are two versions we have to offer - flat and recessed. The flat version is standard and recessed version is special, which comes standard with leather veneer panels to fit in it, as well as the side panels. There are a variety of optional extras that will be offered too: copper etch, titanium engraving, carbon fiber, engraved golden FR4, and even a special Eleksmaker collab~ The Eleksmaker collab panels will be offered during GB, but the others will be on sale after GB has ended!

└ Flat

└ Engraved leather veneer

└ Eleksmaker collab


There will be three editions:
└ Standard Edition: flat sides
└ Special Edition: recessed sides, slots for panels, default leather veneer panels
└ Copper Edition: full copper, hand engraved

Standard and special edition units will come in a wide range of colours through either anodisation, electrophoresis or electrostatic spraying: e-white, e-beige, e-pink, ano black, ano burgundy, ano red, e-cream, ano dark green, glossy black, glossy white

A bonus picture of the special pearlescent purple colour that ran in China’s GB, well matched with GMK Laser:


The mounting has changed from v1 to top mount + gasket mount, with a special silicone o-ring for cushioning - the plate and pcb are cut for soft elasticity - there is a question in the IC form for those of you who wish to request an uncut plate and PCB, so we may be able to provide those too, for those of you who don't enjoy flex cuts~!

The biggest technical feature of the 60s has of course been kept in - the solenoid! This time it has been joined by its close brother, the buzzer - these can be switched in and out based on preference, and switch key on the PCB as well! Don't miss it if you have a grudge on your roommate :P

PCB and Layouts

PCB has two default layout options, both use QMK firmware and are VIA compatible:

└ 84-key:

└ 68-key:

This is achieved through the purchase of additional cover pieces that can cover portions of the board, so that different layouts can be achieved. In v1, many other options were available too, such as hhkb, 60, 64, 65, 68 and 84, but to reduce costs due to MOQs etc, this time we have gone with only 68 and 84-key.

► Materials: 6063 aluminium case, brass front bar, PVD stainless steel badge and weight
► Layout:
► Mount: Top + gasket mount
► Plate material: PC, aluminium, FR4, PVD brass
► PCB: 1.6mm, compatible with 3 and 5-pin switches and PCB-mount stabilisers, QMK and VIA-compatible, hotswap only.
► Foam: poron foam pack offered
► Typing angle: 7°
► Dimensions: 350mm wide, 181mm long, 21mm front height, 51mm back height
► Weight: ~2.95kg

Winshop Collab Cables!

Thank you all for the support last time, the first collab run of sparkly black and white cables sold very well! This time, for "vintage" reasons, we've decided to do braided cables instead, a very soft feel and retro vibe~

What will be the estimated pricing?

Estimated pricing for different versions as follow:
- Standard Edition: ~$385
- Special Edition: ~$425
- Full Copper Edition: ~$1.8k
- Eleksmaker bespoke panel set: ~$29
Estimated pricing subject to change and finalized pricing will be available before GB.

When will be groupbuy start?
Current GB time is still being decided - however shipping date is estimated to be 120 days after it closes.
Will this be unlimited groupbuy?
This is unconfirmed as of now!

Main Imgur Album
Eleksmaker Collab Gallery
Full Copper Edition Gallery

This group buy will be handled by and please contact the platform for more information.

Join ClickClack’s Discord for latest update, discussion, questions:

Fill in Interest Check Form:

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Re: [IC] G-Square Vintage 60s (60/70%)
« Reply #1 on: Tue, 28 March 2023, 12:45:21 »
I need the purple one REALLY BAD!!!

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Re: [IC] G-Square Vintage 60s (65/75%)
« Reply #2 on: Wed, 29 March 2023, 20:25:53 »
What a Retro product!

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Re: [IC] G-Square Vintage 60s (65/75%)
« Reply #3 on: Fri, 31 March 2023, 13:32:28 »
So, exterior from cyber board and interior from class80(buzzer+solenoid)?

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Re: [IC] G-Square Vintage 60s (65/75%)
« Reply #4 on: Fri, 31 March 2023, 14:37:46 »
Emm, the exterior of the cyber is a screen, while the vintage60s V2 is a flat pad or a slotting part. And both Class80 and Vintage60s have sound units inside~


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Re: [IC] G-Square Vintage 60s (60/70%)
« Reply #5 on: Thu, 20 April 2023, 04:56:14 »
I need the purple one REALLY BAD!!!
Thanks for your like. :cool:


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Re: [IC] G-Square Vintage 60s (65/75%)
« Reply #6 on: Fri, 21 April 2023, 02:28:51 »
So, exterior from cyber board and interior from class80(buzzer+solenoid)?
CB and class80 are all very good keyboard, but the exterior of Vintage60s is really inspired by an old Swedish keyboard, not CB.


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Re: [IC] G-Square Vintage 60s (65/75%)
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The Dredgen Project



Frankthetank_16 will stream on 05/05 8pm EST

There will be more......
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Re: [IC] G-Square Vintage 60s (65/75%)
« Reply #8 on: Thu, 04 May 2023, 14:52:07 »
I am thrilled to see flex cuts/non flex cuts choice. Its great that this option gets mentioned more in ICs as I love the customisability part of custom keyboards ;).
Other than that we have a chonky 75% with dark burgundy finish and interesting shape. I am really looking forward to this one