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Sale is up here:

Vol 2.2 sold out. I'll leave the sale up for anyone who wants Vol 2.1

This sales window is closed. I have to finish up some thank you notes and I messed up one of the zines so I'll have to reprint that. Then I'll package everything and drop it off to be mailed out. I'll post more update as I have them. Thanks again for all the support and interest!

Damn missed it, hopefully can get my hand on 2.2 someday.


--- Quote from: azhdar on Mon, 06 November 2023, 02:38:14 ---Damn missed it, hopefully can get my hand on 2.2 someday.

--- End quote ---

Message me. I printed some extras today.


Feels almost nostalgic to spend a few evenings folding paper and stuffing envelopes. Orders should be going out before the weekend. I'll post more updates as I have them. Also I'm out of extras for now. If you missed out you'll have to wait until next time.

It's just another day...


All orders from this weekend's Vol 2.2 Sale have been dropped off at the post office. As a friendly reminder, there is no tracking number as I ship via USPS letter mail aka snail mail using stamps.

If you live in the USA, USPS thinks it'll take this long for your zines to arrive.

If you're outside the USA, Thank you for your support and I'm sorry for the wait.

Thanks very much as always. Now onto the next project. Hopefully I'll be able to announce it soon!


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