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F62, F77, M0110A and Model M Mini by Vortexkeyboard

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F77, F62, M0110A and Model M Mini are the new on going projects of Vortexkeyboard. All of the keyboards are under development and have the first prototype made, which will be presented in our booth at Computex.

We know that not many of you would be able to come to Taipei Taiwan to attend Computex and we know that you will be curious about what we will be presenting.
Besides our modern designed models, we are continuing our retro series.

Our journey started from PC66, Model M SSK Kit and M0110.
Today, we are thrilled to announce that F62, F77, M0110A and Model M Mini are now joining the family!

Comment down below and tell us what you think about our new projects  :)
Happy Friday and weekend to all of you!

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F62 & F77


Model M Mini

F77 from the side

M0110A from the side

Model M Mini from the side

Love that you've gone full retro on this.

I want to order a Model M Mini/SSK, but I need it to go on sale. The current price of $99,999 is slightly high for me.


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