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F62, F77, M0110A and Model M Mini by Vortexkeyboard

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No worries
Once it is in stock, the price will go back to normal, not $99,999 ^-^

I tried a PC66 and, while it was well-built and I like the features, itís reminiscent of IBM keyboards rather than similar to them.  If you want something to bludgeon zombies with, the PC66 (and presumably these) arenít it.  As mostly-plastic hotswap wireless keyboards that have a retro aesthetic, though, theyíre pretty nice.

Wow, I love the look of the M Mini, looks like a great modification to the original design!

Would love to get my hands on M0110A! I have the PC66 and the M0110 and they are great! :thumb:
But for work the M0110A would be perfect!
Would love if you added a grey or black option also!
If you sign up for your newsletter on the site, will you get notified when the new keyboards are available to purchase? Thanks! :D

Will the Vortex Model M SSK KIT ever return? I was not really paying attention to keyboards and missed it


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