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What did you get in the mail today?

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--- Quote from: HoffmanMyster on Fri, 20 October 2023, 15:59:49 ---I think so, yeah. They never really left in the metal scene (easy format to release your own stuff on), but seem to be coming back bit by bit in the indie/alternative world. Maybe someday soon we'll see a re-release of the Walkman or an Instax-style remake.

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Recently a streamer/youtuber that I really like made a video about their cassette player which the player was really cool. Also the first time I heard anything about cassette in years (and before that it was about it being an outdated music device). I think physical media from the past is down to get a resurgence eventually, kinda like vinyl did. Actually was thinking of getting a cassette player and all my favourite albums (If I can) cause I mainly listen to music portable anyway and idk I feel it would be cool.

I'll link the video because I thought it was very interesting.

The other day I decided that I hate having money and so I ordered a brand new HHKB Pro Hybrid Type-S directly from PFU.

ive had a pro classic and a pro 2 type-s before and i wanted to get the endgame, new in box. its amazing and ive been putting out essays for school like crazy with this thing lol. It's been over a year since ive had a brand new topre board and i forgot how amazing and smooth the stock experience is... im planning on keeping this one stock, with the exception of OEM parts and maybe lubing the stabilizers. i ordered the anti-vibration mat from already and i really want this to just be OEM heaven lol

Decided that I need bigger drive for my movies, so bought 8TB SSD.


--- Quote from: phinix on Thu, 16 November 2023, 14:01:10 ---Decided that I need bigger drive for my movies, so bought 8TB SSD.

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Crazy how big and affordable SSDs continue to get. I very much look forward to the day that I could conceivably swap SSDs into my home server, haha :D

I took my Analogue Pocket to work today buy didn't have time to play.   :-[


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