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Why can't you just put topre switches in any board?

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I see all of these custom boards that you build yourself. Why do you have to put mx switches in them? Can you not just put topres in?

how to make topre pcb "electrostatic capacitive"? :rolleyes:

patent system

Patent only prevents commercial exploitation, you can DIY anything that is patented as long as you don't profit from it.

I'm sure it's possible, but a lot of work is required to first figure out the exact design of the PCB to give the controller the correct capacitance values without the traces interfering with each other. This is not trivial, since the PCB itself has parasitic capacitance. Then you need a controller that can make sense of the signals.

If you get that part right, then you need a donor board to get the springs, domes and sliders from. Then you need to either use the top plate that came with the board to locate the sliders, or make your own with the correct shape holes. If you make your own, it needs to be thick enough to stabilise the sliders and will need to be machined very accurately.

Overall, it's just too much work since they aren't individual, complete, self-contained switch units like the Cherries are.

There is a Topre clone floating around in China for your information. Not that no clones are available for the Topre due to patent. In fact there are some rumours going around that Topre and Cherry MX switches are probably going to have their patents expired and/or have already expired.


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