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IBM Model M review (buckling springs)

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Breaking length records yet again, I spent a LOT of time doing this one - hope you like it! :) I'll be on holiday for two weeks, so see you guys in three! ;)

Awesome review. Very informative as usual.

I know chyros will want to set me on fire but I prefer the M2 (1395300) to the M.  I love the slim trim profile a great deal more.

True the capacitors will need replacing but AFAIK it will never require a bolt mod.  I know he tried this board and wasn't impressed but please consider these are going on 30 years now and wear is going to happen in some of them.

My only complaint is some M2's (and M's) used different weight springs.  I've had 5 or 6 1390120's and the springs were consistently much lighter than average compared to something I found made in the 90's.

I don't mind the lighter weight actually and considered - as unholy as it sounds - springs from the 1390120 into a M2 but not sure if it would work.

I wish Chyros could do an interview with Unicomp but they are as secretive as North Korea.

I agree, the older ones consistently feel lighter.

The M2 definitely has its advantages, it just happens that I don't find most apply to me xD .

Awesome review! Very detailed and your voice has an authoritative, yet soothing quality to it, haha.


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