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Aeris Studio:

We are thrilled to present to you our latest keyboard design that was inspired by the Japanese concept of ikigai, which represents the intersection of what you love, what you're good at, and what the world needs. This principle resonated with us deeply, and we wanted to create a keyboard design that could embody this philosophy and bring joy and purpose to your daily routine.

With this goal in mind, we combined our expertise in keyboard design with our newfound passion for Japanese culture to create a keyboard that not only looks beautiful but also carries a meaningful message. We noticed a lack of mounting options in the market, and we wanted to fill that gap by creating a keyboard that is not only functional but also visually striking.

We chose a TKL layout for its balance of form and function, much like the Sakura tree that is known for its slender and minimalist branches that allow the blossoms to stand out and take center stage. The TKL layout provides a streamlined and minimalistic design that highlights the finer details and overall aesthetic of the keyboard, making it the perfect balance between functionality and elegance.

For the mounting option, we chose a top mount design that provides an overall balanced acoustics and typing feel. The Sakura tree's branches are known for their flexibility and strength, and we wanted to emulate that in our keyboard design by providing a sturdy foundation for the keyboard's components while also allowing for a smooth and comfortable typing experience.

This custom TKL keyboard also features multiple plate materials to choose from, including brass, aluminum, and FR4, so you can tailor the keyboard to your personal preferences and aesthetic taste.

We are thrilled to share this Sakura-inspired keyboard with you, and we hope that it brings you joy and purpose in your daily life. We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Thank you for considering our keyboard design, and we hope that it finds a place in your collection!

Specs so far:
6 Degree Typing Angle
Screwless Design
Winkey and Winkeyless Layout Options
Flexcuts (to remove probably)
Back Engraving (to be added)

came from the aeris discord, looking forward to further updates, please remove the flex-cuts...

Please make proper renders and don't post your Fusion screenshots. Of the grand total of three images you've provided us with, in the second your plate wouldn't support basically half of your PCB's flexibility. Please take more time and actually consider why this should catch people's eyes. The premium and budget markets for TKLs are very saturated at the moment. What do you intend to offer to stand out?

Too much dumb marketing language, too little actual information. What's the front height? What layouts does the pcb support? There is actually no information about the pcb whatsoever. The images that you've provided don't show the back or the internals at all, not to mention they're all fusion screenshots instead of renders or images of a prototype, so we can barely tell what the board would look like irl anyway. What's the estimated weight? Do you have a price point that you would like to achieve? Even if these are all subject to change, we have to know their current state to make a decision or give feedback. If you want the end product to be good, you will also need a prototype at some point to check for any potential issues. Overall, this looks like the ic of a keyboard that would be poorly thought out and engineered, but would cost as much as the finest keyboards from the most well-known makers.

Have to agree with the above comments I think you could get some audience by selling it for less than $300 as it is now but if more you need something more special to stand out


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