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IC Form

A 60% O-Ring keyboard with a cat drinking wine.


The board pays homage to older kustoms that of the Unikorn and OTD356mini with my own twist. Also, cats and wine are great!

The first run of Katze was a 15-unit run exclusively for the Vietnamese market (since I was based there at the time), however, since I got a lot of good responses on the first run I wanted to bring it "back home"/internationally with new revisions and updates to the initial design.

Pricing Aim & MOQ

Brass Kit w/ Alu weight: $300 - $330
Copper Kit w/ Alu weight: $305 - $335
Brass Kit w/ Brass/Copper weight: $320 - $345
Copper Kit w/ Brass/Copper weight: $325 - $350
MOQ: 50 - 100 Softcap

What's Included

- Aluminum Case/Polycarbonate Case
- Mechlovin' Kay60 PCB Variant
- O-Ring
- Brass/Copper Weight
- Aluminum/Brass/Copper Cat Weight
- Aluminum Plate
- x4 Geonworks custom molded feet
- M2.5 x4 screws for weight fastening
- Daughterboard and JST connector cable
- Carrying Case & microfibre cloth

Case Specifications

Mounting Style: O-Ring (i.e. friction-ledge assembly)

Case Material: Aluminum (6063) / Polycarbonate
Main Weight Material: Clearcoated Copper or Clearcoated Brass
Cat Weight Material: Sandblasted Aluminum 6063 (Matches case color) | Clear coated Brass or Copper | PC case - Alu weight: TBD

Case Colors:
- Alu: Purple, Burgundy, and Beige
- PC: Clear Polycarbonate

Plate Option: ANSI and ISO | 1.5mm Aluminum 5052 (Full and Half-plate) | CF and PC as add-ons
PCB Option: 1.6mm Soldered PCB | ANSI (ICing for ISO interest)

Typing Angle: 6 degrees
FH (Front Lip): 20.4mm/EFH: 21.6mm
Heft: 1.43kg unbuilt | approx. 1.7kg built

Layout Options
PCB changes may occur depending on ISO interest
(Potentially looking to add 10U spacebar compatibility, if there’s enough interest)

(Katze FE/PC version shown below, is indicative of the Katze final design but solely in Aluminum)

Katze FE (near identical design, showcase reference) Typing Tests:

Katze R1 (a first-run aluminum variant for "sound" references)

Groupbuy and Timeline Information

GB Format: TBD


US: KeebsForAll
Asia: HexKeyboards
UK: Prototypist
OCE: AllCaps

If you are a vendor and are interested in supporting this project, please email at:

Revision Log

- Minor aesthetic revisions based on Katze FE
- Internal JST Cable channel widened



- Added PC as a case option
- Added Brass and Copper cat weight option
- Adjusted price range aim to reflect the material option changes


- Publish IC
- Purchase units to send to streamers/reviewers
- Establish GB format and vendors for unit allocation

Special Thanks

Quan Bot for helping since day one
Shy for bouncing ideas and helping each other out on board designs
Flyin’ for his support in all my projects
Simon for glancing for the IC before publishing it
Elaine for a quick "go ahead" inquiry on the board


IC Form



- Added PC as a case option
- Added Brass and Copper cat weight option
- Adjusted  price range aim to reflect the material option changes


Do you ever plan on adding WKL units to the sale?

I like it, just not sure about IC form.

IC form question: Do you want 10U spacebar compatibility?
My answer: Give me thocc

IC form question: Would you like a brass or copper option for the cat weight?
My answer: Yes

Q: Can you add split left shift support?


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