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Recommendations for cheap headphone amps

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I have a Topping NX1s that has treated me well for the past 6 years, portable option that I now use at my desk when I'm running my IEMs.

I have a schiit magni/modi stack and it sounds quite good to me, but honestly there are probably better options. I was mostly in it for the DAC, and the headphone amp was a surprise gift.

Another vote for JDS Labs

JDS Labs O2

my daily driver PC amp for the past 11 years, and outperforms some amps I have that cost 4x as much

I must be missing something with those headphone amps.
I simply plug my headphones to PC audio and listen that way. Why would I need amp for it?
Apologies for silly question, but I'm not into audio that much. Once I found my favourite headphones (Sony MDR-1A) and speakers (Ruark Audio MR1 Mark II), I did nto go back to that.
I have enough GAS from photography equipment :)


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