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[IC] 852 TKL - A Hong Kong themed TKL

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Hi everyone, dr0pbear here with a new project!
Following the successful GB and fulfillment of the Dropbear60, I'm excited to introduce the 852 TKL, an F12 TKL inspired by the city of Hong Kong, and featuring a triple-mount system.


This board was inspired by Hong Kong, one of the world's great cities. The iconic bauhinia flower is engraved above the arrow cluster, and the internal brass weight features the silhouette of the famous Victoria Harbour. The bottom stainless steel weight is laser engraved with a street map view of the Kowloon area.


Form Factor: 87 Key (F12) TKL. WKL Planned but hoping to include WK if IC goes well.
Angle: 7 degrees, ~17.5mm front height
Materials: Anodised Aluminium 6063 Top and Bottom Case, Sandblasted Brass Internal Weight + Sandblasted Stainless Steel External Weight
Mounting: Choice of Top Mount, Gummy O-Ring Mount or Viton O-Ring Gasket
PCB: Waffling80 *SOLDER* PCB with universal C3 daughterboard.
Plates: Full, Half or "Hybrid" Plate- Half plate with one material and a mini alpha plate with another material
Weight and dimensions: ~2.05kg built, 358 x 140.5 x 33 mm (LxWxH)

"Hybrid" Plate Option: While regular full and half plates will be available, hybrid plates are a way to further customise the sound and feel of the board. Basically, you get a regular half plate in one material (say, aluminium) and a "miniplate" for the alphas cutout in another material (e.g. Polypropylene). The files will be available after fulfillment so you can make your own combinations.

Triple Mounting System: I've also designed this board to be compatible with three different mounting systems. There is a Jane-style top mount and gummy o-ring mount, but also an o-ring gasket option, similar to the Geonworks F1 or Papilio where an o-ring strip is fitted into the top and bottom of the case to provide isolation. The required hardware for all three mounting styles will be provided in the base kit.


I am utilising a two-tone approach to the top and bottom case colours. This proto has an anodised burgundy top and silver bottom, and I am planning to add more colours according to the feedback I receive on the interest check. Current options include Dark Grey and Teal or Aqua.

Pricing and GB Info

Aiming for a price of ~$450 USD. This is a mid-high end board but I'm aiming to keep prices as low as possible, considering the amount of material and machining time required.
Vendors are mostly confirmed as of June 2023, hope to announce soon.

Kit includes: Case, Full Plate (material tbd), Solder PCB, Daughterboard, Top mount screws, Viton O-ring gasket strip, 50A Gummy O-Ring.

An example of the hybrid plate and viton o ring mount.
More Photos

After receiving the prototype here is what I have changed:
-Hidden JST cable channel under the internal weight
-fixed plate so spacebar switch clips in properly and added split spacebar support
-made bauhinia engraving slightly deeper so as to be more visible
-slight adjustment to gasket mount cutouts
-made the corners more rounded

To Do
- Order round 2 prototypes with colour samples (new protos will be done with sandblast #180)
- Potentially make the external weight screwless from the outside

looks nice, i'll definitely be keeping an eye out for this

it's pretty, and I like the hybrid plate idea

A good theme!



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